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"I like you, Stiles. Since you’ve helped me, I’m going to give you something in return. Do you want the bite?"
"He doesn’t look like he would survive a slap across the face much less the bite of a werewolf."






John Green: What To Do With Your Life (x)

17,000 notes? That’s insane.

(I just imagined a world in which tumblr reblogs could be exchanged for the weird circular baby cheese that Henry eats every day, and then I would have like a lifetime supply of that surprisingly expensive baby cheese. BUT NO.)

babybell. thats what you just described.

Ok but that was John Green

John Green doesn’t know the name of the cheese he buys

no but what is most amazing is that we are reblogging a gifset of John Green saying this really inspirational stuff and then he actually goes and reblogs this post to talk about baby cheeses

(Source: roseytyler)

I went downstairs to grab dinner about 2 hours ago…

I accidentally ended up with a pint of Coffee ice cream and 2 granola bars.

I did not eat the granola bars.



I’ve only been alone for 18 hours and I’ve already forgotten how to feed myself. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???


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